What we offer

Whether you’re a business or an individual, we’re your first choice of business, home, car and specialist insurers.

No matter what you need insured – a factory, a game farm, a residential building or a motor vehicle – we’ll get you the right amount of cover at the right price.

Assets / Buildings Insurance: Insure your commercial buildings against damage from accidents, natural disasters or theft. Our Standard Business Policy covers many different classes of business in a single policy.

Body Corporate Insurance: If you manage a block of flats or a townhouse complex, we’ll help you insure all the flats or buildings within it.

Motor Insurance: We offer a variety of levels of insurance cover for your motor vehicle, including comprehensive cover, third party fire and theft, or third party insurance.

Liabilities Insurance: Covers your company against personal injury or damage that happen on your business premises that you become legally liable for.

Contract Works: We’ll cover any project that your business is running in case it is disrupted before it’s completed. We also offer specialised insurance cover for plant and construction works.

Marine Insurance: Cover your small watercraft and marine cargo against damage, loss or theft anywhere in the world.

Hospitality: As specialist insurers in the tourism industry, we offer tailored insurance for hotels, lodges and other tourism establishments.

Professional Indemnity: Get business insurance for yourself against negligence, misrepresentation or misstatement, or against an unintentional breach of confidentiality.

Agriculture Insurance: This provides protection for all of your agricultural assets, including tractors, trucks, LDVs and farm implements.

Contents And Building insurance: Cover the precious personal belongings in your home against damage, loss or theft.

All Risks Insurance: Make sure that your personal effects are covered under your personal home insurance policy should they be stolen or damaged while you’re away from your premises.

Building Insurance: Aimed specifically at residential properties, our building insurance covers you against loss or damage to your building’s structure , fixtures and fittings.

Motor Insurance: We offer a variety of levels of insurance cover for your motor vehicle, including comprehensive cover, third party fire and theft, or third party insurance.

Guarantees: We have specialist expertise in the placing of the following:

  • Construction related guarantees – Bid Bonds, Advance Payment Guarantees, Performance Bonds and Retention Bonds
  • Supplier/Trade Credit Guarantees and Single Debtor Insurance cover
  • Fuel Payment Guarantees – Retail and Wholesale
  • Payment Guarantees through reputable international underwriters as well as in specific Sub-Saharan African countries
  • Specialised project- and finite project guarantees
  • Attorneys- and Court Bonds
  • Political Risk Insurance via major international underwriters – protects your business interests in foreign countries

The above guarantees are all valuable cash-flow enhancement instruments that allows businesses to operate more freely from a cash perspective, where valuable cash could otherwise be tied up in business ventures or projects.

Directors and Officers’ Liability Insurance: Cover yourself against any negligence for which you may become legally liable as the CEO, director or executive of your company.

Fine Arts: As an art collector, we’ll insure you against the loss or damage of fine art assets including paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Travel Insurance: Whether you’re taking a personal or business trip abroad, cover yourself against things like accidents, flight cancellations or losing your baggage. We also offer accidental death cover with all our travel insurance policies.

Inception Value Policy: In the event that the vehicle insured by this policy is a total loss (i.e. stolen, hi-jacked or written off), the company shall settle the insured’s claim as follows:

  1. If the vehicle is financed the company shall pay the financial institution (any balance left over will be paid to the insured) the higher of:
    a. the outstanding balance that the insured owes as at the date of loss; or
    b. retail value as at the inception date of this Inception Value Policy;
    1. less the retail value as at the date of loss;
    2. less any excesses under this Inception Value Policy.
  2. If the vehicle is not financed the company shall pay the insured the inception value: less
    1. the retail value as at the date of loss;
    2. any excesses under this Inception Value Policy.

Please note that all information contained in a policy schedule is in compliance with Section 7 of the General Code of Conduct for financial service providers and is given in fulfillment of the requirement to maintain an on-going record of advice given in Section 8 & 9 of that Code.