New regulations for crossing the border

The South African Police Service (SAPS) has implemented new regulations that require drivers of cars with South African-registered plates to carry certified documents proving ownership. This new requirement will be implemented at all South African border posts, according to Vishnu Naidoo, SAPS head: Media Communications. 


The certified documents should include a certified copy of vehicle registration/vehicle license papers which must be presented at the border posts. This must be accompanied by a letter from the bank giving authorisation to take the vehicle across the border and must indicate dates of travel. Both the bank letter and license papers should be signed by a Commissioner of Oaths. 


If the driver of the vehicle is not the owner of the vehicle, an affidavit from the police giving authorisation from the financial institution/owner to take the vehicle abroad is required. If the car is rented, the driver must have a letter from the rental company giving permission to take the vehicle out of the country.


Regulations do change, and a customs officer advises SA travellers to check with the SA Auto Club on border regulation updates.